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Bellini Canella
bellini canella


The famous cocktail Bellini has been invented at the Harry’s Bar of Venice in 1948. Made of a delicious peach nectar obtained from white peaches and exquisite Prosecco –the venetian Champagne-, with a drop of raspberry, this cocktail has been named so as its shade of pink reminded Giuseppe Cipriani, chief barman of the Harry’s Bar, of the color of a saint’s toga in a painting by Giovanni Bellini. In 1988, the famous wine house Canella decides to prepare and bottle the cocktail. The success is as immediate and huge as the result is delicious. There is not a renamed bar in Venice not offering the Bellini.

And we are really pleased to be sponsored by the house Canella with this delicious cocktail during our Carnival balls, for the greatest pleasure of our guests.



made in veneto

Venezia Made In Veneto Magazine


Magazine tells the excellence of Venice and Veneto: fashion, culture, art, products, food and wine and entrepreneurship of the most beautiful land in the world, the reference point of the Italian lifestyle. Many people between fashion and design, reviews of the best hotels, restaurants, shops and shows ... a way to be updated on what is happening in the city.



Made In Veneto Magazine
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L’antica Besseta or la Dolce Vita of Venetian nights…


To those who wonder how magically whisking back to a time of La Dolce Vita. We answer that no one knows how to add to the great tradition and classic elegance, carefree and joyful atmosphere of the Belle Epoque, as they know to do at Antica Besseta.


Tel. +39 0415240428


Waterbus stop Riva De Biasio (linea 1)

Hotel Terme MillePini

Since the 1st century after Christ, Romans used to say “ad aquas venire” as we say “going to the Spa”. It is still the same precious, hot water that cures in the Euganean Hills, the largest thermal center in Europe. And here is our “coup de coeur” for the Hotel Mille Pini


Tel: (+39) 049 891 1766


Expressionist painter Giuseppe Boaretto

The hotel is also famous for the exhibition of the works of expressionist painter Giuseppe Boaretto. His creations are accompanied by poems, which correspond to the themes of the works.
This extraordinary autodidactic artist was born in Galzignano Terme (Padua) in 1928, his painting mature through contact with the nature of the Euganean Hills and "new lands".
You can see some images of his work here.