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The Carnival

A Classic Scenario

   Plan your story around the most magical event on the Venetian calendar: Carnival, which takes place in the days leading up to and culminating on Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras). Have you ever fantasized about being an elegant Count or Countess, or a heart-broken clown, or even a sexy servant? During the Venetian Carnival, you have the freedom to let your imagination sprout wings and fly. The wearing of a mask puts everyone on the same level: rich and poor, nobleman and citizen, beautiful and ordinary, old and young. Venezia Segreta offers a full program of events where you can act out your most fanciful dreams. 
   If you want to experience Carnival but cannot make the date, Venezia Segreta will wave their magic wand and whisk you away to your own personal Carnival, at a time and date suitable to your schedule. Venezia Segreta can create Carnival when you dictate, any time of the year you choose, complete with costumes, masks and balls. Any time can be Carnival time!


Carnival of Venice